Civil Rights Workers Murdered

In 1964, three civil rights workers, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James E. Chaney, disappeared in Mississippi.  Their bodies were discovered August 4, 1964.

The three were murdered because of their commitment to civil rights.  Prepare an “in Memorium” notice, such as might appear in your local newspaper, on this the anniversary of their disappearance and murder.  Share your notice with your classmates.

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Literature to Film (The Lottery)

Louisbourg Falls to the British

In 1745, Louisbourg, in Nova Scotia, was taken by Sir William Pepperell.  Louisbourg was then returned to the French in return for Madras, India.  However, Britain took Louisbourg again in 1758 to mark the end of French power in North America.

Fortress Louisbourg has been restored and is a marvelous historic site to visit!  Go to its website.  What features are most interesting to you?

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Literary Map of the Novel Project


In 1994, in his weekly column, Terence Dickinson described an incident where, a cyclist from St-Robert, PQ, heard a whooshing noise overhead.  Seconds later, he noticed the cows from his father’s farm huddled together over a hole.  At the bottom of the hole was a half-buried 2-kg. meteorite with a freshly scorched surface.

Draw a picture of what you think the scene looked like.  Show your drawing to a friend or family member.

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Literary Character Tea Party


In 1813, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and his future wife Mary                                                 Wollstonecraft (Shelley) were in Switzerland.  In the middle of a                                     thunderstorm, Byron proposed that they each try their hands at writing a ghost story…..Byron and Shelley eventually abandoned their efforts, but Mary persisted – the end result was her classic Frankenstein……and thunderstorms have been a staple of Gothic  novels ever since.

Read Frankenstein.

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Light from the yellow Star